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Business Personal Property

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Plan 2  I  Pro Photography Business Insurance Package

Coverage That’s Even Better Together. Plan 2 Packages Photography Business Insurance Essentials & Includes:

Our Pro Photography Business Insurance Package combines equipment insurance and the basics of business protection. Because it’s a packaged solution designed for photographers, this plan provides professional photographers with an affordable way to protect their businesses.  Learn more about what this plan includes and details of each coverage below.

Equipment Coverage

Protect your owned and rented photography equipment with our replacement-cost coverage. Unlike some of our competitors, our coverage reimburses you for today’s cost. Imagine having to file a claim when you dropped an expensive piece of equipment (costing $10,000 to purchase new) and your insurance check is $6,000 due to its depreciated value. Sound horrible? We think so too.

  • Covers OWNED and RENTED equipment
  • WORLDWIDE Coverage
  • Includes Coverage for THEFT FIRE, VANDALISM and ACCIDENTAL BREAKAGE ($250-$500 deductible)

Owned & Rented
Equipment Coverage

“Loss Payee” AND “Additional Insured” can be added to certificates

Business Personal Property

The loss of any property you own or create for sale affects your bottom line.  Business Personal Property (BPP) covers property owned by you and used in your business operations and is an important component of this photography business insurance plan. 

Examples of covered business personal property include:

  • Sets
  • Wardrobe
  • Props
  • Office Furniture
  • Etc.

Computer Equipment Coverage


Up to $50,000

of computer equipment coverage, depending on carrier

Business Income Coverage

What if a power outage interrupts a big-budget shoot and you’re forced to cancel it? Knowing that you’ve spent weeks preparing for the shoo  and that you’ve made a significant investment in special props and equipment, would probably leave you fearful of the financial impact. Many photographers count on these big projects to keep their business (and personal) finances on track. Due to the nature of the industry, there are many moving parts, so it isn’t impossible for something completely out of your control to threaten your bottom line. Business Income coverage can repay your lost income and prevent the financial impact of a situations (like a power outage) from causing serious damage to your balance sheet. In addition, the policy may cover your move to a temporary space, pay for utilities, bills or payroll until your operations are up and running again.   Unfortunately, even the most cautious, responsible and undeserving photographer can find him/herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and as a result, lose out on much needed income.  So, we’re pleased to have the right photography business insurance and coverage for that.

Policy Details

  • Annual Premiums Start at $500 (Minimum)

  • Installment Payment Options Available
  • Short-term Policies Not Available With This Plan
  • Premium May Increase if Photographer Increases Equipment Value During Policy Period

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a popular coverage among photographers and videographers. Why? Because it’s an easy way to maximize your business’s financial protection while keeping costs minimal. Lawsuits are not usually “affordable” and if a third-party (ie. the legal term for person(s) not working for your business) alleges that you, your business or your employees, caused bodily harm or property damage, you could face major out-of-pocket costs!

  • Coverage Limit of $2,000,000 for general liability claims
  • Coverage across the United States, and extending to territories including Puerto Rico and Candada
  • Coverage pays for legal/court fees, defense costs, or any settlements, judgements, etc., resulting from a general liability claim
photography business insurance and general liability

Imagine being an un-insured photographer in one of the following scenarios:

  • Injury at Your Studio: A young child is sitting on a tall prop for a family shoot. His quick movements make it unstable, and he comes crashing down. The child is rushed to the hospital and suffers a broken-bone.
  • Off-Site Property Damage: You are shooting a commercial in a newly refurbished office building and realize your camera equipment has scratched the hardwood floors.
  • Off-Site Injury: You’re filming in a public park and your assistant forgets to secure a loose cord. A pedestrian trips on the cord and falls on the ledge of the cement sidewalk…
  • Property Damage at Your Studio: You’ve been hired to photograph a world-renowned clothing designer’s new collection. In the middle of photographing, you accidentally step on part of a gown while the model is walking, causing it to tear. The custom-made dress is worth $4,500… and now you’re on the hook!